A new job, a new city, and all that jazz!


That’s right folks… I’m moving to CHICAGO! In the next few weeks I’ll be moving to the Windy City, where I’ll start a new position in medical communications within the pharmaceutical industry.  I am thrilled about this new job opportunity as it combines both my love of science and my love of writing. I’m also excited about the prospect of exploring a fabulous new city!

Although I’ve lived in several different towns and cities, they’ve all been in the Mid-Atlantic east coast region. And I’ve always lived within driving distance to Philadelphia and my parents’ home. Living in the Midwest (a plane ride away!), will be quite a departure for me.  It’s also a place I’m not very familiar with. Aside from the interview, I’ve only been to Chicago twice; first to visit my friend Jenni when she was in graduate school, and later to attend a wedding. Despite  those trips being many years ago, I had a great time during both visits, and I can definitely see myself enjoying life in Chicago.

Now, the hard part; deciding where to live! My new company is located in the suburbs, and initially I wasn’t sure if I wanted to deal with the commute (again). After much deliberation, however, I’ve decided to live downtown. I really am a city mouse! I definitely gravitate towards cities, and all of the energy, culture, and diversity that they bring. Now, if I could only figure out which neighborhood to choose! So many great options.

It’s definitely strange to move so far away from such familiar places, where I know all of the ins and outs. Although I’ve done it before, it’s always a bit difficult to move to a completely new place, make friends from scratch, and slowly learn where all of the local hotspots are. But in a way, I think that’s what makes it fun; the anticipation, the possibilities, and not knowing what’s around the corner. Needless to say, I’m beyond excited, and looking forward to this next chapter of my life.

So, tell me: What do I need to know about moving to Chicago? I’m guessing there’s more to Chi-town than deep-dish pizza, John Hughes movies,  and Oprah (though, I’m a huge fan of all of the above!). Any advice and tips you have would be greatly appreciated!

17 Comments on “A new job, a new city, and all that jazz!”

  1. I am so excited for you! I really think you will love Chicago — and I can’t wait to visit! One tip: boots. And I’m not talking cute boots. Just in case, I think it’d be wise to invest in a real pair of waterproof, warm boots that will keep your feet dry. Luckily, they make somewhat decent-looking pairs these days (maybe try Lands’ End?), but I really think you’ll appreciate them when you’re walking in the snow but your feet are toasty warm and dry! (Wool socks! You can always change out of these things after you get to work!)

    • Good call! I have a pair of snow boots from NYC, but I *maybe* used them a handful of times in the last few years. Already got a full length puffer jacket, and wind-proof gloves, but I need to put wool socks on my list!

  2. Bears suck, Bulls suck, Cubs suck … Krypton sucks. So sports-wise it will be a lot like Philly. (Blackhawks are good but no one except me watches hockey, so …)

  3. Congrats on all the new stuff for the new year. A new friend of mine just moved to Chicago from Italy having never been to he US before and she is really enjoying it so I know you will be just fine!! I’m just worried about Chicago lol…just kidding!!

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