OMG I love this song! M83, “Midnight City”

I haven’t done a music post in ages, but this song was the perfect reason to bring them back!  Even though M83 has been around for a decade, I first read about the French band in a recent Slate article highlighting the best songs of 2011. M83 has been described as electro-pop, ambient, and shoegaze. They manage to fuse both an 80’s and futuristic vibe. Track 2 from their Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming album, “Midnight City,” had me hooked from the synthesizer -laden intro.  The song has an ethereal quality to it, heightened by the usage of saxophone, and assisted by lyrics like “The city is my church/ It wraps me in the sparkling twilight.”

This song has quickly cemented its place on my 25 Most Played iPod playlist! You may also want to check out the Eric Prydz private remix, which makes for a good workout tune.

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