Crystal Mountain


Our visit to Crystal Mountain was one of many pleasant surprises on our road trip. In planning for our Mt. Rainier hike, Maria had stumbled upon information for Crystal Mountain, a ski area located in the Cascade mountain range, southeast of Seattle.


First up, the scenic gondola ride up the mountain. While it was a cool experience to soar above the trees, the occasional motor stops and the swaying of the gondolas in the wind sure made us realize just how high up we were! After ascending the 6,872 feet to the peak, we were greeted with stunning views. The kind of views that look like superimposed green screen photos! The most stunning glimpses of Mt. Rainier.



We also hiked along the ridge of the peak and back. There is nothing like that crisp and refreshing mountain air!





While we waited for the gondola ride back to base, I spotted a cool quote that really resonated with me. Lessons learned on the road!



Next, we get up close and personal with Mt. Rainier!

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