Brunch & Barcade

Believe it or not, on occasion, I leave my favorite island and head to the outer boroughs. Last weekend I hopped on the L and headed to Williamsburg for brunch at DuMont, a charming, cozy spot, just steps away from the subway. We were lead through the small bar area, through the back garden room, up to the “treehouse.” I thought it was the best seat in the house, with rustic wooden beams, and a nice view of the room below.

It turned out that we had all had a late night prior, so the coffee really hit the spot, in addition to the complimentary sugared donuts. Β We left with full bellies, and headed to our next stop, Barcade, which, as the name implies, is a bar/ arcade. Cool concept, right?

While some of our group veered off in different directions to top each other’s scores on vintage games like Frogger and Pac-Man, a few of us grabbed a picnic table and started chatting. Eventually, the others joined us, and in the span of a couple hours, friends of friends became… friends. Most of us living in New York are transplants from another place. I think it’s for that reason that everyone is so inclusive and friendly. Β It never ceases to amaze me how so many wonderful people enter my life. One of the many things I love about New York!


2 Comments on “Brunch & Barcade

  1. “…friends of friends became … friends.” Isn’t it wonderful how that happens? People are always asking us here in Birmingham how we all know each other. I love the convoluted web we weave as we try to retrace our steps and figure out how we all met. Makes the world go ’round.

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