Here’s what I’ve been up to lately, the late winter/ early spring edition!

First up was a Numbered Days loft party. This one was Olympics themed (yeah, I’m a bit behind on the blogging), and had a ton of fun games and activities in addition to having awesome DJs and dancing.


Then Valentine’s Day ❤


The girls kept the activity board going with lots of fun stuff, including a trip to Adler Planetarium After Dark (we won intergalactic trivia!), ice skating in Grant Park, and a hot chocolate bar!


Another night out at TheWit. One of my Chicago favorites!


March means it’s time for St.Patrick’s Day! We started pretty early (9 am) and went till maybe 7pm before I basically threw in the towel and went straight to bed. Not what you would call a particularly productive day, but it was nice to be out and about with friends! So much has changed between this year and my first St.Patrick’s Day in Chicago, when I watched the river turn green on my own. It’s so much better when you have fun people to share it with!


In between, there was a Vegas trip, which you can read about here.

A new spot – Three Dots and a Dash – a Tiki Bar with inventive (and potent) cocktails. Knowing about my germophobic tendencies, you may or may not surprised to learn that I was the one who insisted that we get the first – of three – fish bowls, ha!


I also got two surprise visitors from NYC! Lucky for me, Chicago is definitely a hotspot for conferences and business trips. I had brunch at Farmhouse with Sunil (who you will recognize from my travels in South Africa and Zambia) and Tedd (who Sunil connected me with last year).  Then, a few days later Leah was in town for work and we had dinner at Nellcoate. Leah, and her husband Rick, who I’ve known for over a decade now, lived two blocks down from me in NYC. It was so great catching up with my east coast buddies!


And lastly, let me take a #SELFIE:


Have you heard this song? Sunil introduced me to it and I am OBSESSED. It is so ridiculous that I find it intriguing; reminds me of the Jersey Shore. So, yeah, I finally got around to getting a haircut. It had been close to a year, peeps! I finally bit the bullet and went to a new salon and stylist recommended by my friend David. Four inches off! What do you think??


2 Comments on “Lately”

    • Thanks Jen! Even though it wasn’t a drastic cut, it was a much-needed change. RE: #SELFIE song, I think it screams Jersey because of that girl’s voice/accent. And the reason it resonates is because we’ve all overheard those very same ridiculous conversations… ‘What’s up with that dress; who wears cheetah?” haha 😉

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