Pack Smart: 6 travel friendly makeup palettes

Next in my series of packing posts I’ll be discussing makeup. Everyone wants to look good when they travel. But who wants to lug around their entire makeup case? Whether you’re going away for a quick weekend trip or an extended RTW journey, the key is to pack smart by taking just a few key essentials. In preparing for my own travels, I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of makeup palettes. Full-sized eye shadows or blushes can take up valuable space; these slimmed down versions will easily fit in your bag, while giving you all the glitz and glamour you need!

  1. Lovely in London Travel Makeup Palette
    Stila$16 $5.00 on sale!
    The first set of makeup palettes are, very appropriately, travel themed! Each of these palettes features 4 eyeshadows and a convertible lip and cheek color, inspired by a fun travel destination. In addition to Lovely in London, pictured above, there’s Rockin’ in Rio, Vibrant in Vancouver, Stylish in Seoul, and Sensational in Sydney. At just $5.00, this palette is the biggest bargain on my list.
  2. MACMAC All For Glamour Gorgeous Bronze Face Kit
    Nordstrom, $49.50
    I love the tufting and bow detail of this MAC compact; tres chic!  This palette contains a bronzing powder, three eyeshadows, and two lipsticks, in addition to a duel-sided makeup brush. One of the reasons I love MAC makeup so much is because their eyeshadows are highly pigmented, allowing for vibrant color on any skin tone. Although I don’t use bronzer, the color actually seems close enough to my skin tone to use as powder.
  3. BuxomThe Buxom Passport Collection
    Sephora, $49.00
    This makeup kit from Buxom, appropriately named the Passport Collection, is another great travel friendly choice. The colors in this one are suited towards travelers with a lighter complexion, but I like that they’ve included a lip gloss and mascara in such a small kit. There’s  also a large blush, four eyeshadows, and makeup brushes. Another feature I appreciated was the mirror on the inside of the zippered case, sure to come in handy during any voyage!
  4. LMLaura Mercier Colour-To-Go Portable Palette for Eyes, Cheeks & Lips
    Laura Mercier, $48.00
    This little palette by Laura Mercier also has a convenient mirror. But what really jumped out at me was the pretty colors! I love the bold purple eyeshadow quad, which looks lovely with the pink lip gloss. There’s also a blush and a bronzer (which again, could be used as powder). This palette is so small that it’s something I could see myself taking along in my purse to work for a quick touch-up.
  5. JetsetBenefit She’s So…Jetset! Living The Luxe Makeup Set
    Benefit Cosmetics, $36.00
    This makeup set from Benefit takes the travel theme to another level, with cute packaging and an “in-flight” makeup manual with helpful application tips. The neutral shades of makeup would look great on any skin tone. Included in the kit are pore-refining cream, a dual-colored blush, four eyeshadows, lip gloss, mascara, and makeup brushes. This set provides a lot of bang for your buck!
  6. Bare MineralsBare Minerals, Fired Up Set
    Sephora, $54.00 $39.00 on sale!
    Last, but not least, the Fired Up set from Bare Minerals. This was actually my one and only Cyber Monday purchase… I can’t wait till it arrives! I generally stick to MAC, but I’ve heard good things about Bare Minerals, and wanted to give it a try. I love the sleek gold case and the carrying pouch, which could certainly double as a clutch if you needed to dress up an outfit while traveling. This palette includes an eyeshadow primer, four eyeshadows, blush, lipgloss, eye liner, and brushes. I can definitely see myself traveling with this palette, in liu of a bulky makeup bag.

With the holidays around the corner, these palettes would also make a great gift… or treat for yourself! Which one of these travel friendly makeup palettes is your favorite?

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